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Tales of the Black Freighter (2009)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian January 25, 2014 0 Comment 4717 views

Warner Animation’s pulpy Tales of the Black Freighter is a lot like Cast Away – if Tom Hanks’ raft was being kept afloat by corpses and Wilson was actually a severed head.

The Amazing Screw-On Head (2006)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian January 18, 2014 0 Comment 5169 views

The Amazing Screw-On Head depicts the events leading up President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Homestead Act – just with more geriatric werewolves, flamethrowers and detachable robotic heads.

An Optical Poem (1938)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian January 11, 2014 0 Comment 6902 views

An Optical Poem – Relax, turn off your mind and float down a stream: a rhapsody by Franz Liszt as interpreted by abstract animator Oskar Fischinger.

The Man Who Planted Trees (1987)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian January 4, 2014 0 Comment 6038 views

On December 24th, internationally acclaimed animator Frédéric Back died at the age of 89. Frédéric Back received his first of two Academy Awards in 1982 for the animated short Crac! His films possessed a reserved and thoughtful sensibility and often reflected issues of ecology and conservationism without hectoring the audience. Subject matter aside, what made […]

Peace On Earth (1939)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian December 21, 2013 0 Comment 4018 views

It’s a phrase we casually toss about during the holidays, but is Peace on Earth possible with people?

The Short Films of David Lynch

Posted by Bennett O'Brian December 14, 2013 0 Comment 2836 views

Saturday Morning Cartoons brought to you by… David Lynch. Yep. Read on to find out how NOT for kids these cartoons are.

The Psychedelic Movements of Ryan Larkin

Posted by Bennett O'Brian December 7, 2013 0 Comment 6427 views

This installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons takes a look at the brilliant and troubled animation artist Ryan Larkin.

The Cat Came Back (1988)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian November 30, 2013 2 Comments 4992 views

In my estimation, The Cat Came Back is a perfect cartoon. Sure, it may not address any pressing social issues and there probably isn’t a profound philosophical or spiritual message to be gleaned from its characters. Nevertheless, the seven-minute short remains one of the finest cartoons I have ever seen solely on the strength on […]

Fantastic Planet (1973)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian November 23, 2013 0 Comment 6278 views

Welcome to planet Ygam, home of the bald, blue-skinned semi-aquatic looking life forms known as the Draags. Although the shape-shifting Draags spend most of their energies in consciousness-expanding meditation, they are more human that you might expect. In particular, the way their young delight in tormenting smaller, weaker creatures should be very familiar to us. On planet Ygam, they […]

When the Wind Blows (1986)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian November 16, 2013 0 Comment 8185 views

The year is 1986. Margaret Thatcher is the Prime Minister of Great Britain and a massive fortified wall separates the city of Berlin between capitalist and communist. The permissiveness of the 1960s and 1970s has led to an era of intolerance and repression in North America and the United Kingdom which has, in turn, contributed […]

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