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Review: The Temptress (1926)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 30, 2012 2 Comments 9534 views

  The Temptress (1926) is a standard little romantic melodrama, the kind of silent film that you find on any silver screen in any town in 1926. It’s packed with super stars – directed by Fred Niblo, co-starring Antonio Moreno, Lionel Barrymore, Roy D’Arcy – and it possesses one thing that your standard romantic melodrama […]

Review: The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 3, 2012 10 Comments 11704 views

  Thanks to the generosity and hospitality of an awesome Toronto film fan, I had the opportunity to see The Mystery of the Leaping Fish last weekend. I’ve seen this silent short before, but it’s been awhile and I had forgotten how truly weird and oddball it is. I think a lot of silent film […]

TSFF Review: Our Dancing Daughters (1928)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 1, 2012 1 Comment 8514 views

For me, there are two alternating pleasures in watching silent movies. The first is the opportunity to watch a fledgling medium, one that is still so much with us today, being born. Silent movies showcase the intuitive genius of a lot of early filmmakers who seemed to just know what to do with these moving […]

TSFF Preview: Tabu – A Tale of the South Seas (1931)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 22, 2012 6 Comments 4386 views

This year the Toronto Silent Film Festival will present F.W. Murnau’s Tabu – A Take of the South Seas on March 30. All silent film fans know F.W. Murnau, master of German expressionism and power house of silent cinema. Wait a minute – did I just say German expressionism? That poster for Tabu doesn’t look […]

TSFF Preview: Variety (1925)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 22, 2012 6 Comments 3039 views

Grab your socks ladies and gentlemen, because the 2012 Toronto Silent Film Festival closes with the box office smash of 1925, E.A. Dupont‘s Variety. A masterpiece of German expressionism starring Emil Jannings (because what masterpiece of German expressionism doesn’t star Emil Jannings?), Variety is famous for “the swinging camerman.” This is a rarely screened silent […]

TSFF Preview: The Italian Straw Hat (1927)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 22, 2012 6 Comments 3933 views

On April 2, Toronto Silent Film Festival presents a comedy of a different stripe with Rene Clair‘s The Italian Straw Hat. A comedy of manners rather than a slapstick, this French farce features a bride, a groom, an ill-mannered horse, a pretty young lady of questionable morals, and an angry hussar. Oh, and there’s also […]

TSFF Preview: 1000 Laffs – Playmates

Posted by Brandy Dean March 22, 2012 6 Comments 4662 views

You do not have a silent film fest until you bring in the clowns and Toronto Silent Film Festival will be delivering the goods on April 1 with 1000 Laffs – Playmates, a program of silent shorts. Silent comedy is, of course, dominated by the holy auteur trinity of Buster Keaton – Charline Chaplin – […]

TSFF Preview: Blood and Sand (1922)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 22, 2012 6 Comments 12880 views

Bieber-fever is a trifling allergy attack compared to the fan fueled adoration of cinema’s “Latin Lover,” Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina D’Antonguolla – or Rudolph Valentino, if you’re nasty. Valentino was the first movie star and the attention devoted to his every move, every smoky look, every career decision was astounding, and […]

TSFF Preview: Our Dancing Daughters (1928)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 21, 2012 7 Comments 3360 views

The Toronto Silent Film Festival kicks off on March 29, 2012 with Our Dancing Daughters. Or maybe I should say it Charlestons off. This 1928 silent classic directed by Harry Beaumont is a jazzy look at the flappers and fops of 1920’s America and stars a very young Joan Crawford. And I mean very young, […]

Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

Posted by Brandy Dean March 1, 2012 1 Comment 9149 views

Watching Tarzan of the Apes is, I imagine, a bit like being an actual movie goer in 1918. And I mean being a movie goer in some store-front movie house on the Western prairies, not worshiping at one of the temple-to-cinema movie palaces of urban centers. Which is to say, Tarzan of the Apes is […]

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