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TIFF 2014: Short Cuts Canada Programme 6

Posted by Jessica Finch September 15, 2014 0 Comment 913 views

The six short films in this programme follow unique journeys of outward and inward discovery. Featuring films from critically acclaimed Canadian directors, this programme is an intense look at the human psyche, from a variety of perspectives. From animation to sci-fi to dark drama, the unifying thread between the films is the common struggle to […]

TIFF 2014: Kill Me Three Times

Posted by Pam September 13, 2014 0 Comment 1102 views

The latest from Australian director Kriv Stenders, Kill Me Three Times is a dark and stylish good time. Starring the wonderful Simon Pegg as a contract killer and all-around charming bad guy, the film tells the story of a group of funny, rather nasty, selfish characters caught up in a mess of adultery, compulsive gambling, […]

TIFF 2014: While We’re Young

Posted by Robert Liwanag September 11, 2014 0 Comment 923 views

Noah Baumbach’s films have always been about characters having difficulties moving on or growing up – the college grads in Kicking and Screaming, the troubled family in The Squid and the Whale and the title character in last year’s stupendous Frances Ha. In other words, his films are populated by characters that are sometimes deeply […]

TIFF 2014: Escobar: Paradise Lost

Posted by Brandy Dean September 11, 2014 0 Comment 968 views

Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is a folk tale at this point and one might wonder what more could be wrought from his story. Italian director/writer Andrea Di Stefano proves that there still meat on that bone with Escobar: Paradise Lost. The film centers around a nice young Canadian surfer, Nick (Josh Hutcherson) and meets […]

Tiff 2014: Short Cuts Programme 3

Posted by Toyiah Murry September 10, 2014 0 Comment 1000 views

The Short Cuts Canada Programme 3 offers audiences a viewing experience that ranges from the whimsical to one of bleak distress. Featuring six films in its soiree, the third installment of Short Cuts Canada Programme is a vignette of tales that all share a common theme of personal defeat which allows viewers to watch how […]

TIFF 2014: Waste Land

Posted by Jared Bratt September 5, 2014 0 Comment 3834 views

Waste Land, from director Pieter Van Hees, is a Fincher-esque crime drama that risks being lost in the noise of TIFF.

TIFF 2014: Cut Snake

Posted by Brandy Dean September 5, 2014 0 Comment 1118 views

Full of vintage cars, tight polyester shirts, and a kick ass ’70s soundtrack, Cut Snake from director Tony Ayres is a sizzling film noir from Down Under. Set in 1973, the films centers around Sparra (Alex Russell), an ex-con desperate to maintain his now simple life with fiancee Paula (Jessica De Gouw). But as every […]

TIFF 2014: Short Cuts International Programme 2

Posted by Robert Liwanag September 4, 2014 0 Comment 3838 views

Explore the subtleties of human desire with the 5 shorts in Short Cuts International Programme 2.

TIFF 2014: Clouds Of Sils Maria

Posted by Brandy Dean September 3, 2014 0 Comment 1169 views

In Clouds of Sils Maria, Juliette Binoche plays a former A-lister looking to strike her comeback in a reprisal of the role that made her famous, but this time around she must play an older character while an up-and-comer (Chloe Grace Moretz) acts the younger part. Bionche reflects on the aging actress double standards while […]

The Netflix Queue: The Book Thief (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds September 3, 2014 0 Comment 11179 views

The Book Thief isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s a faithful adaptation of the novel and it manages to be genuinely touching without feeling manipulative given its subject matter.

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