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(My) Top 5 Most Influential Films

Posted by Brandy Dean August 1, 2012 5 Comments 8901 views

(My) Top 5 Most Influential Films These are not THE top 5 most influential films, but rather MY top 5 most influential films. These are the movies that were game changers for me personally. The movies that woke me up, blew my mind, introduced me to some new vein of thought – in short, influential […]

The TFS List: 5 docs about porn

Posted by Brandy Dean July 4, 2012 0 Comment 8798 views

Even high-minded documentarians occasionally turn their attention to everyone’s fav film genre: porn. Here’s 5 docs about porn that are totally worth watching.

5 Awesome Anthology Films

Posted by Brandy Dean May 2, 2012 1 Comment 6829 views

What’s an anthology film you ask? It’s one of those feature films that’s really a bunch of short films or disparate narratives stitched together somehow. Sometimes they’re called omnibus films, or (my personal fav) portmanteau films. But, dear readers, I wrote this piece merely to present Grand Hotel to a broader audience. That’s me, fighting […]

Pretty Clever Film’s Top 10 Silent Horror Movies

Posted by Brandy Dean October 27, 2011 9 Comments 20358 views

In honor of Halloween, Pretty Clever Film Gal brings you her personal favorite scary movies, all of them silent. It is a fact that movie goers love fright films and it is a fact that horror movies have been around since the dawn of film. For my money, silent films take the prize for sheer […]

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