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Oscar Follies: The First Ten Years

Posted by Bennett O'Brian February 24, 2013 7 Comments 10043 views

The first decade of the Academy Awards was a bit of a wash. Throughout the 1930s, only a few films now considered as true classics actually claimed the golden statue for Best Picture (or Outstanding Production as it was known back then), while the majority the winners from that decade are now looked upon as […]

Great Oscar Snubs Part 3: Top 10 Greatest Oscars Mistakes

Posted by Wade Sheeler February 22, 2013 11 Comments 15812 views

Hello one more time, Dear Reader. You’ve made it to the final installment of Great Oscar Snubs. This is the one you’ve been waiting for (or at least my editor, Brandy Dean, has). These are the Top 10 Greatest Oscars Mistakes – acting and film winners that walked away with the top prize while a […]

Top 5 Film Noir Bad Guys

Posted by Brandy Dean February 22, 2013 15 Comments 28163 views

Film noir is famously murky when it comes to good versus evil. These are no westerns where the good guy wears a white hat and the bad guy wears a black hat. But is films noir, the good guy usually deeply flawed and the line between him and the bad guy. However, sometimes there comes […]

Top 5 Bond Girl Names

Posted by Brandy Dean February 21, 2013 1 Comment 15954 views

It’s no secret by now that Pretty Clever Film Gal is  just a tad Oscar obsessed at the moment. Turns out, I’m not the only one. The Oscar’s seem to have a little bit of Bond fever too. The rumors are swirling that all 7 Bonds – from Connery to Craig – will appear on […]

Great Oscar Snubs Part 2: 10 Best Films not Nominated for an Oscar

Posted by Wade Sheeler February 20, 2013 19 Comments 26447 views

They always say, “It’s a thrill just being nominated.” But what about the great films that got no respect at all? Oscar’s history is littered with some of cinema’s finest that weren’t even invited to the party. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and it’s easy to play armchair quarterback upon seeing the timeless classics that […]

Top 5 Most Depressing Films

Posted by Oubah O. February 19, 2013 43 Comments 30234 views

Right after snatching up all the post-Valentine’s Day chocolate sales, I’m sure you, just  like me, enjoy curling up on your cozy couch and watching some depressing, tear-inducing movies. Just kidding! But seriously, there are some really sad movies out there that prompt an ugly-cry or two, so here are my top five most freaking […]

Great Oscar Snubs Part 1: Top 10 Academy Award Nominated Films that Didn’t Win Anything

Posted by Wade Sheeler February 18, 2013 9 Comments 15844 views

With the 85th Annual Academy Awards just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to go through the Oscar records, dig through the piles of trivia, and create a couple lists culled from my hours of research- actually minutes of research, but hours of crossing titles off, adding titles, and shaking my head […]

Top 5 Movies About US Presidents

Posted by Brandy Dean February 15, 2013 7 Comments 11130 views

Monday February 18 is President’s Day in the United States. This is an amazing fake holiday that gets you a day off work and serious deals on furniture and cars. Seriously, why do furniture stores have President’s Day blowouts? At any rate, President’s Day is a bit of a puzzle. What are you supposed to […]

Top 10 Most Romantic Movies

Posted by Brandy Dean February 14, 2013 21 Comments 24422 views

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Love is a pretty fundamental part of the human experience, so it’s no surprise that Hollywood wants a piece of that. Cinema past and present is just littered with tales of love. From the will they-won’t they screwball comedies to ruminative meditations on love lost, the list of romantic movies is […]

Top 5 Movies About Newspapers

Posted by Brandy Dean February 13, 2013 14 Comments 13788 views

I love a fast talking dame and a bitter editor with a bottle of rye in his desk drawer. I really, really do. I also studied journalism and had a job or two at a couple of New York dailies. Imagine my disappointment. Still, I tell myself that it was just a timing issue and […]

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