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Buster Keaton on Candid Camera

Posted by Brandy Dean September 26, 2011 2 Comments 4234 views

Ya, know… Monday mornings are no fun at all. Until you come across a clip of Buster Keaton on Candid Camera. Pour yourself a cup of java and enjoy! [youtube][/youtube]

36 Hitchcock Deaths in Unison

Posted by Brandy Dean August 8, 2011 2 Comments 2615 views

Okay, I was going to save this for the Friday Round-Up, but Friday is so far away and this is just so great. After being delighted, I spent a few minutes wondering, “Am I a very morbid person?” Then I thought… “Meh, whatever” and watched it again. It’s even better the second time. Here we […]

Watch Chalie Chaplin’s “The Rink” Online

Posted by Brandy Dean August 1, 2011 1 Comment 2317 views

Need an afternoon pick me up? Why not spare twenty minutes and what Charlie Chaplin’s delightful short  “The Rink” (1916). Chaplin’s earliest short films have a certain insouciance, a carefree playfulness, that gets lost in his later feature work when he’s loaded down by the demands of complex narrative. Given that Chaplin’s genius is a […]

Clip from The Thief of Bagdad

Posted by Brandy Dean July 6, 2011 0 Comment 1318 views

Special effects 1924 style! As part of the July series “Race and Hollywood: Arab Images on Film,” TCM aired The Thief of Bagdad last night. I had forgotten how much I love this movie and Douglas Fairbanks. This film is pure delight, and here’s one of the more delightful moments to whet your appetite. [youtube […]

Watch “The General” Online

Posted by Brandy Dean July 1, 2011 0 Comment 3299 views

There are about a million ways to see Buster Keaton’s The General, including on Blu-Ray, streaming on Netflix, and frequent showings on TCM. But, if you need some instant gratification, like right now, watch The General online on YouTube. [youtube]

Film School Rejects Offer up “A Trip to the Moon” by Georges Méliès

Posted by Brandy Dean June 17, 2011 0 Comment 3137 views

The marvelous feature “Short Film of the Day” over at filmschoolrejects offers up a tasty morsel of film everyday. I always look forward to watching the selection, but I was delighted today when they featured Georges Méliès‘ “A Trip to the Moon.” If you care for silent film at all, you’ve probably seen this one, […]

Watch Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Online

Posted by Brandy Dean June 10, 2011 2 Comments 2244 views

Watch the creepy 1920 silent version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide online at YouTube. The incomparable John Barrymore takes the lead.There are countless stage, screen, radio, you name it adaptations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but this is the greatest of them all, in my humble opinion. And after this scares your pants […]

Watch Bringing Up Baby Online

Posted by Brandy Dean May 23, 2011 0 Comment 1826 views

Bringing Up Baby is widely available on DVD and airs frequently on TCM. But if you’re broke and impatient, you can watch Bringing Up Baby in its entirety online. [youtube]

Watch “The New York Hat” Online

Posted by Brandy Dean May 17, 2011 0 Comment 1358 views

Watch “The New York Hat” in it’s entirety on YouTube [youtube] Or download the complete movie at the Internet Archive.

Watch Alice in Wonderland (1903) Online

Posted by Brandy Dean May 15, 2011 0 Comment 1301 views

Watch early 1903 Alice in Wonderland on YouTube. The quality is terrible, making this difficult to watch, but it’s still several kinds of awesome. Surely, this bears some relation to David Lynch’s Rabbits, right? [youtube]

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