Calling All Cinemaniacs: Day 3 – What is Cinemania?

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Good afternoon, my fellow Cinemaniacs! I’ll be honest, day 2 of the “Calling All Cinemaniacs!” funding campaign was a little tougher than day 1. After the initial pop, the hard slog starts. However, thanks to new funders Spencer Lindenman and Steve & Debbie Dean (also known as dad and mom, in certain elite circles), the campaign has now reached 16% of the total goal! Not too shabby!

Again, I thank everyone who has contributed and who has spread the word. This only works with your help!

What is Cinemania?

The Birds BarbieA few people have asked me if I’m aware that there’s a doc called Cinemania (2002). Yep, totally aware. I’ve seen it. Twice, in fact. The first time I watched, many moons ago, I had high hopes, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s a good doc, but they subjects are not exactly what I would call “cinemaniacs.” They’re more like maniacs with a dash of cine. That is, I’m pretty sure they all had diagnosed mental illnesses, and a fixation on movies was how they either exhibited the illness or coped with it. It was fascinating, but it was the kind of doc about a passionate subculture I was hoping for.

I know lots of people that I would call cinemaniacs, but I don’t think they have an actual mental illness. Or if they do, it’s unrelated. I think cinemaniacs are people who live for movies. The only thing they like more than watching them, is talking about them with liked minded people. The maniac part comes into play when they’re not with other cinemaniacs, frankly. Those non-cinemaniac people want to talk about dumb things like the weather, politics, and retirement savings plans.

Booooring. We want to talk about which Hitchcock film is the best Hitchcock film. We want to talk about what makes Laurel and Hardy so damn funny. We want to Facebook, Tweet it, blog it. We want t-shirts with Buster Keaton’s face on them. We want to see classic movies in theatres. We want original movie posters on the wall, but a repro will do in a pinch. ¬†We own absolutely senseless things like the Hitchcock Birds Barbie. And we want films, dvds, and Blu-rays – stacks and stacks and stacks of them. We are cinecrazy, a cinemaniac nation, and we will keep wearing ratty sweaters with holes because Criterion has a hot sale on.

The only question for me is – why? What is it about cinema that so completely seduces we cinemaniacs? How did we get this way? Why does it matter so much? These are good questions, and that’s what I hope to explore with “Calling All Cinemaniacs!” Even if we don’t find the answers, we’ll have a good time doing it!

If you’re a cinemaniac, please contribute to “Calling All Cinemaniacs!” It takes a village, as they say -but I only need $10 from 300 people. Sure you’re giving up one Warner Archives sale DVD, but you’ll be wildly entertained by our collective antics in return!




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