Calling All Cinemaniacs: Day 5 – The “Go Go” Factor

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Calling All Cinemaniacs! News

cu-290x290Calling All Cinemaniacs! gets a shout out on the See You Next Wednesday podcast! These guys are great and worthy of a weekly listen. Click the pic to check out today’s episode and catch the campaign mention at the 32:50 mark.

Calling All Cinemaniacs! Status

The campaign has reached 29% of the entire goal with 24 days left!
Thanks to everyone who has shared, Tweeted, and promoted.

This can’t happen without a lot of spreading of the word, and everyone has been so supportive in doing this.
Let’s keep it rolling!

…Now About the “Go Go Factor”

Not to be confused with “Go Go Juice,” the noxious concoction of Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and Pixie Stix that Honey Boo Boo knocks back on pageant days – The “Go Go Factor” is the algorithm that Indie Go Go uses to determine which projects appear on the home page, the category home pages, and the Indie Go Go email newsletter.

Like all algorithms (I’m looking at you, Google), this one is shrouded in mystery. What is clear that it’s mostly campaign activity that raises your Go Go Factor. This includes updates that I make to the campaign page, which I will now be doing every day, but it also includes comments.

I know I’m asking a lot of favors these days, but if you have contributed to the campaign please toss a comment to the campaign page every now and again. It will raise the “Go Go Factor” and maybe land the project in a really visible spot.

I also want to take a second to thank @chrisgiddens, a long time Twitter follower of @prtycleverfilms, for steering me in the right direction regarding the “Go Go Factor.” The fact that so many people are so supportive in a variety of ways continues to move and motivate me every single day!

Now let’s share, Tweet, Facebook, comment, throw open the windows and shout to the street below!


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