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Overlooked Gems: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962)

Posted by Lesley Coffin June 18, 2013 0 Comment 7574 views

Before The Great Outdoors, National Lampoons Vacation, or Summer Rental, there was the original summer vacation comedy, 1962’s Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation.

Overlooked Gem: Indiscreet (1958)

Posted by Lesley Coffin June 6, 2013 1 Comment 12432 views

It would be hard to find film which is an easier watch than 1958’s Indiscreet. With its beautiful costumes by Dior, lavish sets, crisp and funny dialogue, and standout performances, it can only be described as an absolute delight. And it is no surprise that the movie was directed by Stanley Donen, a filmmaker who […]

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