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Founded in 2010 as a humble little wordpress.com blog centered around silent film, Pretty Clever Films has grown into a vibrant cinema appreciation magazine with many contributors from all corners of the globe.

We are driven by a shared passion (nay – obsession?) for cinema and we express this enthusiasm through undying curiosity and openness to a wide range of cinema in all it’s forms, genres, and formats. From blockbusters at the cinemaplex to indies at the festival to imports at the arthouse, Pretty Clever Films contributors provide insight and opinion on anything and everything cinema related.

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Who Are We, You Ask?

Brandy Dean

Editor, Publisher, Chief Bottle Washer

Brandy is the founder of Pretty Clever Films and an utterly devoted, hopelessly lost cinephile. She loves dogs, movies, and hockey – but leaves it up to you to determine in what order. And all those super witty bon mots posted on the Pretty Clever Films Twitter feed and Facebook page? Those are hers, so don’t hold anyone else responsible.


Wade Sheeler

Celebrity Contributor

TV Producer & Director, Writer, Frustrated lover of film and obscure music. I still make mixed tapes if I like you enough.



Dr. Pam Fossen

Doctor on Call

You’d be hard-pressed to find a film era or genre that Pam hasn’t met. A hard-core film fan from way back, she has spent (or wasted, depending on your point of view) hours and hours watching movies. And with a PhD in Film and Media, she also has more than a few opinions about them.



Sophie Vickers

Resident Brit Contributor

21 year old journalism graduate from the North East of England who likes to stay inside watching films to avoid the rain. I like quiet little indie films, zombies and Natalie Portman and I dislike horribly predictable romcoms. Favourite film: Children of Men




John Munshour

I Found This Weird Thing You’ve Never Heard of Contributor

John Munshour is an artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. His primary medium is book arts, where he combines writing and visual art to disguise the fact that he’s not particularly good at either. He is currently involved in a long-term, emotionally volatile relationship with his haircut. And he writes about himself in the third person all the time, so he clearly does not find this awkward at all. He sometimes tweets about songs he likes at @jdmunshour.


Lesley Coffin

Film Biographer Contributor

Lesley is totally awesome, but ultra-modest which is why she hasn’t written a bio and why she didn’t tell us she was an intern at Cineaste magazine. She regularly contributes her fantastic “Hidden Gems” column and sundry other fascinating film thoughts.




Jennifer Reynolds

Netflix Junkie Contributor

Active consumer of all media with equal appreciation for the cerebral and the vapid. Writer trying to find her footing. I love a good rant and a strong opinion and I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.



Toyiah Murray

We’re Totally Jealous She Came Up with “Cinephiliac” Correspondent

Twenty-something film reviewer, social critic, and cultural analyst searching for a place in the sun. Passionate lover of discourse about film and music and its affects on the human brain and society. Equally loves the taste and science of food as well.




Robert Liwanag

Film Nerd Contributor

Robert Liwanag is currently a second-year journalism student at Ryerson University and self-proclaimed film and music nerd.




Christina Stewart

Resident Fashion Diva

A film archivist by day and a film buff by night. What more needs to be said?



Bennett O’Brian

Resident Comic Book Geek and Illustrator Extraordinaire

Ben O’Brian holds the distinction of being the first contributor to Pretty Clever Films who was not Brandy. For this, she remains eternally grateful even though he has NOT written a bio.




Laura Grande

Classic Movie Diva Contributor

Laura Grande is a Toronto-based writer working in digital media. A (wannabe) movie buff who just wants to spend her days writing about classic film, she also loves history, travel, hockey, literature and anything related to Scotland.




Jared Bratt

Actual Filmmaker and Keanu Reeves Fanboy Contributor

Born and raised in Montreal, now based in Toronto, Jared is a writer/actor/editor/director keeping up the good fight against all things non-creative & soul-sucking.




Claire Dunderman

Listing Making Machine Contributor

Indie & classic rock nerd, writer and blogger, British comedy geek. Television-Radio-Film ’15 student at SU’s Newhouse School.




Shea Garner

Only Sometime, Always Amazing Contributor

Vinyl addict, reborn cinephile, and aspiring editor from The Shire of Western Massachusetts.




Sam Cooper

Film exhibitionist enthusiast. Cinephile for hire. Comics and games junkie.

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  1. - November 8, 2011
      -   Reply

    I have just under 6,000 DVDs. 90% are pre-1960. My special interest is the silent era & I have 700 silent era films. My favorite actress is Lillian Gish who I had the honor of knowing slightly. My favorite screen comedians are Keaton, Lloyd, Ray Griffith & Chaplin in that order. My favorite sound comedy is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. My favorite sound film is “Night of the Hunter.” My favorite film of all time is “Broken Blossoms.” My favorite director is D. W. followed by F. W. Murnau, Lubitch, Hitch, Gance, in no particular order. My favorite comedy team is Stan & Ollie. My favorite singer is Jolson followed by Lanza.

  2. - December 14, 2011
      -   Reply


    Go here to learn the REAL story of Inuit Sled Dogs (what some people refer to as ‘Canadian Eskimo Dogs” thefanhitch.org.

    I would like to know more about the person doing the documentary on dogs of the NWT.

    • - December 14, 2011
        -   Reply

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the link and the wonderful information about Inuit Sled Dogs. The Last Dogs of Winter was made a filmmaker from New Zealand, Costa Botes. He has a website with a lot of information about the making of the doc and what’s happening with it theses days, http://costabotes.com/.

  3. - February 24, 2012
      -   Reply


    Sunday, March 4, 2012 Doors open at 6:45pm
    Show starts at 7:00

    The Balboa Theatre will celebrate its 86th Birthday on Sunday, March 4. Presented in association with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, a night at the movies circa 1926 will be the order of the day.

    Inspired by Martin Scorsese and Brian Selznick

  4. - April 26, 2012
      -   Reply

    Ok…when I was a kid, I would take all the money I got from delivering papers or working odd jobs and order from “Blackhawk Films ” which was based in Illinois. Here are some of what I ordered…
    1. The Lodger
    2. the Gold Rush
    3. several laurel/hardy 20 minute films
    4. Nosferatu
    5. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(..which incidentally I never got)
    I still have some, if you want them, they’re yours. I’d like to see them go to good home.

    My current faves from an ever changing list

    1. The Lady vanishes (1935)
    2. The Third Man (1949)
    3. The 39 steps
    4. Picnic at hanging Rock (1975- I know it is colour and newer, but it’s a great mystery)
    5. The film I’m currently making, a feature length 35mm silent (with music) that is going to be great..It’s a cross between ” Nosferatu,An American Werewolf in London and The Hound of the Baskervilles “.
    I want to pick your brain about subtitles v.s dubbed in esperanto or fake language. pm me.

    • Pretty Clever Film Gal
      - April 27, 2012
        -   Reply

      Hey, I’m always willing to accept donations of movies. My home is a very loving movie home.

      Would your film be The Beast of Wellington County, some roughs of which are posted on Vimeo?

  5. - May 19, 2012
      -   Reply


    I’m having a Mary Pickford event at my blog, Classic Movies on June 1, 2 and 3. I’d love it if you could participate. The goal is to bring attention to all of the fascinating aspects of Mary’s life and career, but particularly her skill as an actress. She saved film acting from overdramatic posing, with a style that is still fresh and dynamic today.

    I’ve got a great group of bloggers signed up, including a nice pair of folks from the Mary Pickford Institute for Education. I hope you will join them. Here’s more about the event:





    Classic Movies

  6. - August 18, 2013
      -   Reply

    Best “about page” ever 🙂

  7. - March 23, 2014
      -   Reply

    Especially enjoyed the Cary Grant trivia entry

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